Expanding Outreach in Mainland China

Expanding Outreach in Mainland China

Using a variety of media tools—radio, Internet, printed materials, CDs and DVDs, and social media—we are able to share the Gospel with people in mainland China who might have no other access to biblical discipleship resources. Nearly one fourth of the world’s population lives in China, yet fewer than 7 percent call themselves Christian. With 564 million Internet users, we now have even more opportunities to share the Gospel with Chinese-speaking people.

Now in our 39th year of Chinese outreach, our ministry team continues to develop media tools that point people to the Savior. To do this, we must keep up with rapid developments in communication in China. We praise God for our many volunteers inside mainland China who distribute booklets, record daily readings, and promote our print, online, and radio programs. 

Personal Impact

We Chat, God Connects

Cathy was a sales manager for a clothing retailer in Shenzhen, China. A young mother in her early thirties, she was a victim of domestic abuse that eventually led to divorce.

Cathy discovered our radio program, Good News, which introduced her to our daily Chinese Today devotional on Wechat.

“Wechat” (called Weixin in China) is the hottest new

July 25, 2014 Read More

Featured Program

Chinese Today

A daily devotional in Chinese is available in print, on the web, and through social media channels such as, Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and sinablog (blog sites in mainland China) . 

Chinese September 08, 2010

Chinese Programs

Kid’s World

Kids World is an interactive website with audio stories and activities designed to introduce children to God. Produced in Mandarin, the website offers songs, Bible stories, science adventures, and an audio drama series about a young shepherd boy searching for God.

Good News

Broadcast in Cantonese and Mandarin, Good News is an evangelistic message for people seeking to learn more about the Christian Faith. The program also contains discipleship content for believers who wish to grow in their walk with the Lord. Web visitors can learn more about the Chinese ministry, listen to programs, request discipleship materials, read the daily devotional, and correspond with program producers to ask questions about the Christian faith.

Chinese Today

A daily devotional in Chinese is available in print, on the web, and through social media channels such as, Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and sinablog (blog sites in mainland China) . 

Life Lessons

Life Lessons, an audio broadcast in Mandarin that addresses emotional and practical struggles, is produced with the assistance of a clinical psychologist and an intern with a Masters’ degree in biblical counseling. Producers offer biblical perspectives on key mental health topics, prayer for listeners, and hope for those struggling with life issues.

Listen to My Heart

The weekly 15-minute program, broadcast in Cantonese, addresses issues faced by Chinese immigrants. Topics dealing with contemporary issues in city life are presented from a biblical perspective. The website serves as an avenue for further contact with the producer, who is herself an immigrant and can offer helpful advice. Additional support and interaction can be found at

English World

For immigrants and people in mainland China eager to learn English, English World is a dialogue format in both Cantonese and Mandarin. The weekly program addresses practical daily life issues. Those who use the program to become more fluent in English are also introduced to a Christian world and life view. The interactive website provides follow-up activities and opportunities for building relationships with participants.

Truth Q&A

Truth Q&A is a 15-minute program which answers questions about the Christian faith. Broadcast in Cantonese one time per week and in Mandarin twice a week, the program is developed from questions submitted by listeners on the website.