Mission China 2030

October 26, 2016 • Chinese

“Churches in China will commission 20,000 cross-cultural missionaries to spread the Gospel overseas by the year 2030.” This is the vision set by Chinese leaders at the 2013 Leadership Summit in Seoul, Korea. The shared mission and goal was also the vision of participants who attended the 2016 ‘Mission China...

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Rev. Jen’s Dream: Equip the Church in China

June 22, 2016 • Chinese

Anticipating what would have been the 90th birthday of Rev. Isaac Jen, Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) is releasing a special anniversary issue of Rev. Jen’s book, Systematic Theology. The book, first published in Chinese in 1974, the year Rev. Jen started the Chinese media ministry of BTGMI, was...

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The Right Message at the Right Time for China

March 30, 2016 • Chinese

The Christian faith is gaining momentum in China. The Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) Chinese team is strategically placed to give leadership to the growing Christian influence in this changing country. “Various reports show that up to five percent of the Chinese population identify themselves as Christians,” notes Pastor...

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Chinese Wedding Festival

March 23, 2016 • Chinese

“One man and one woman, one husband and one wife, one family and one life, one heart and one mind.” This past Valentine’s Day, more than 2,000 spectators gathered for the 3rd International Marriage and Family Festival in Los Angeles, CA to witness Chinese couples commit to living out these...

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A Chinese Scholar Meets Jesus

December 23, 2015 • Chinese

When Wai* moved to the United States from China, he came with an open mind. As a scholar, he knew he would learn things that would further him in his career. He didn’t realize he’d learn things that would transform his entire life.   “Ever since I came to the States, I...

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From Paper to Platform, Reframing Lives

October 22, 2015 • Chinese

Like most millennials, Summer Tang’s phone is her lifeline to the world. It’s her source for news, entertainment, spiritual encouragement, and connectivity to her peers and family--every aspect of her life relies on it. Because of this digital evolution in how people receive and transfer information, the Back to God...

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Hungry for God

September 17, 2015 • Chinese

“I am hungry for God’s Word,” shares Rui, a new believer who just began her career after receiving her Master’s degree. Hoping to satisfy her spiritual hunger, Rui uses the Chinese Today, a daily devotional produced by the Chinese outreach of Back to God Ministries International. Our Chinese staff met...

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Celebrating Jimmy Lin

July 20, 2015 • Chinese

Rev. Jimmy Lin retires on July 1, 2015 after 25 years of faithful service to Back to God Ministries International. During these years of ministry Rev. Lin has witnessed the continual opening of China to the outside world—and to the Gospel. “Rev. Isaac Jen started the Chinese ministry in 1974...

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BTGMI Announces Jerry An as Chinese Ministry Team Leader

April 27, 2015 • Chinese

Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jerry An to the position of Chinese ministry team leader.  Kurt Selles, Director of Back to God Ministries International affirms, "We are so grateful that God has led Jerry An, who is so gifted and passionate about...

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Going Paperless

March 29, 2015 • Chinese

Yu-Ning started subscribing to the Chinese Today booklet last year. “If it were not for the Today I would have strayed from the Lord,” she says. Yu-Ning is one of the thousands of readers who receive the devotional in print form. Over the past twenty-five years, the Gospel message in...

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