Reflecting on and Practicing Community Through Today Devotionals

June 04, 2020 • English

In June, writers and editors of our Today daily devotional already have 2021 on their minds. The nine months of lead time that it takes to write, edit, print, and mail more than 200,000 devotional booklets means a lot can change by the time the devotions are published. Still, God...

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‘Mini Deacons’ Spread Love During COVID-19

May 21, 2020 • English

As parents and teachers scramble to come up with alternative lesson plans due to COVID-19, Melissa Deelstra is seeing that kids can also do the teaching. Melissa's four children are making Bible story videos using Lego bricks and figures at their home in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. “First, we build...

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Making the Most of Extra Time at Home

May 04, 2020 • English

Like many families that are under stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, the Lewis family has spent extra time in front of their television. But for them, this quickly doubled as a way to discuss God’s Word and their faith. Knowing they would have extra time in their Maryland home, the...

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Groundwork Transcripts Make Bible Studies More Accessible

April 23, 2020 • English

Jane nearly had to quit her Bible study for good. A member at Erskine Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario, for more than 80 years, Jane looked forward to her Tuesday evening Bible study. But her hearing loss was making it more and more difficult for her to understand the videos...

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COVID-19 Lessons From Our International Ministries

April 15, 2020 • Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

All of our international media ministries are seeing an increased number of followers during COVID-19. Read some of biblical teachings and how our ministry leaders are responding to COVID-19 in their unique contexts. Jump to a section: Chinese Ministry | English Ministry | French Ministry | Japanese Ministry | Portuguese Ministry | Spanish Ministry |

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Showing Christ's Love to New Parents

March 02, 2020 • English

Julia (pictured above) estimates that she has assisted with 200 births in her role as a doula. Although each experience is different, the conversation usually begins the same way. “When people consider hiring me, I tell them straight out that I am a Christian and that I am willing to...

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A Unique Prayer from Guam

January 22, 2020 • English

In Ephesians 6:18, Paul instructs believers to “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” “We pray each week with this verse in mind,” says Emily Vanden Heuvel, our prayer team coordinator. “The majority of our prayer requests come by email, but a few...

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Unexpected Responses From the Web

October 02, 2019 • Chinese, English, Portuguese

“Hello! I am an ordinary Chinese Christian living in Japan. Every night before I sleep I listen to the Chinese Today devotional as part of my quiet time. Thank you so much! May God be with all the brothers and sisters who trust in his name! Amen!” Messages like this...

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A Faith Across Generations

June 28, 2019 • All, English

Back in 1980, Lori Persenaire lay in the hospital where she would soon pass away. She was only 20 years old, but cancer had ravaged her body. Still, Lori offered some encouraging advice for the patient on the other side of her room’s dividing curtain. “Lilian, I can’t see you...

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Reframing Marriages in North America

May 30, 2019 • English

“We live in a culture that promotes a Hollywood fantasy that if you’re with your soulmate, everything will be hunky dory—you’ll live happily ever after—and there will be no issues,” said Rev. Deb Koster, producer of Family Fire. “The reality is that we’re all broken, and we’re trying to find...

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