Testimony of Healing Brings Welcome Surprise in Northern India

Oct 15, 2018 • Hindi

Although many Indian Christians see their country’s northern region as one of ‘great spiritual darkness,’ people like Shangla know that God’s spirit at work there too. When a doctor told Shangla that he would never walk again, Shangla was devastated. In his desperation, he went to a magician to ask...

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Music Opens Doors to Hindi and English Ministry

Aug 27, 2018 • English, Hindi

Tapan’s hobby was listening to music on his radio. But God used that for so much more. Tapan lives in West Bengal, a state in India where nearly 70 percent of the people adhere to Hinduism, and where Islam is the fastest-growing religion. Yet, through efforts in part by Back...

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God’s Transformational Power

Jul 10, 2018 • Hindi

Anshu Kacchap’s life has been one of uncertainty and instability. She recently shared her testimony with our Hindi ministry team. Born and raised in a non-Christian family in northern India, Anshu and her two younger brothers lost their parents at very young age. Their grandmother took care of them until...

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The Value of Women

Jun 15, 2018 • Hindi

Mrs. Chauhan works as a nurse in northern India. But her true passion is healing people’s hearts and lives by sharing the Gospel. “Mrs. Chauhan felt a burden to share the Good News of Jesus’ love. This spring she met with several women from a variety of faiths,” said our...

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VBS Students Share the Risen Lord

Feb 28, 2018 • Hindi

Ranchi, India is located in the northeastern corner of the country, where little is known or told about our Risen Lord. A place where, “the time is ripe to present the good news, even though it may invite harassment,” states Hindi ministry leader for Back to God Ministries International. This...

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Saraswati's Salvation

Jul 26, 2017 • Hindi

Saraswati, 27, lives in northern India and grew up in a non-Christian home. With a 9th grade education, she was married at a young age and has not been able to have children. In addition to feeling depressed about not bearing children, she recently was diagnosed with diabetes. Upon becoming...

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Meeting People's Needs, Wherever They Are

May 12, 2017 • English, Hindi, Indonesian

Virenda lives in a village in northern India where education is minimal and the gospel message is neither widely known, nor accepted. He first learned about Jesus through the Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) Hindi radio program.  “Your radio program is my only source of learning from the Scripture...

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Restored and Building Community

Mar 20, 2017 • Hindi

James Kachhap, living in Jharkhand, India, became a Christian after listening to Back to God Ministries Hindi radio programs. Up until recently, he battled the mentally waring weight of inexplicable fear and anxiety. Restless and sleep deprived, he asked his new family in Christ, the staff of the BTGMI Hindi...

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Bhutanese Refugees Pray for BTGMI Ministry in Bhutan

Jan 16, 2017 • Hindi

A small group of Bhutanese refugees now living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota meet for worship in the chapel at First CRC, Sioux Falls, SD. The refugees come from the tiny country of Bhutan, a Buddhist hermit kingdom tucked in the rugged Himalayas on the edge of India. During a...

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Shakes, a Server, and Sadiq’s Voice

Nov 01, 2016 • Hindi

Leh, Ladakh, India, located in the northern most state of Jammu and Kashmir, is a land where culture and history are closely tied to Tibetan Buddhism. There, in a monastery café, Sadiq Masih, Back to God Ministries International Dogri-language radio program producer, unexpectedly crossed paths with a program listener. Sadiq...

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