A God Who Loves our Language Comic

August 23, 2020 • Portuguese

The importance of reaching people in their own language is illustrated in this comic, which recently appeared in our denomination's Banner magazine. You can read the original story here.

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COVID-19 Conversations with Portuguese Speakers

August 11, 2020 • Portuguese

In early March, Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes couldn’t record his usual television and internet videos from a studio in Campinas, Brazil. Lopes serves as Back to God Ministries International’s Portuguese ministry leader. Still, God’s Word is reaching believers who are struggling during the pandemic. Rev. Lopes hosted several videos from...

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COVID-19 Lessons From Our International Ministries

April 15, 2020 • Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

All of our international media ministries are seeing an increased number of followers during COVID-19. Read some of biblical teachings and how our ministry leaders are responding to COVID-19 in their unique contexts. Jump to a section: Chinese Ministry | English Ministry | French Ministry | Japanese Ministry | Portuguese Ministry | Spanish Ministry |

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"Thank You's" From South America

November 27, 2019 • Portuguese, Spanish

Every day, our ministry partners around the world receive notes of thanks from audio program listeners or video program viewers. While each of those calls or letters are meaningful, BTGMI ministry leaders especially appreciate meeting thankful followers in person. Brazil, Portuguese Ministry In Brazil, Rev. Hernades Dias Lopes met one...

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Unexpected Responses From the Web

October 02, 2019 • Chinese, English, Portuguese

“Hello! I am an ordinary Chinese Christian living in Japan. Every night before I sleep I listen to the Chinese Today devotional as part of my quiet time. Thank you so much! May God be with all the brothers and sisters who trust in his name! Amen!” Messages like this...

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‘A God Who Loves Our Language’

December 03, 2018 • Portuguese

Moussa, a former Muslim from West Africa turned church planter in Brazil, knows firsthand the importance of reaching people in their heart language. “With many West African refugees here in Brazil, we’re challenged to minister in Arabic, a language that is very special for them, for us,” Moussa said. To...

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When Courage is Contagious

August 06, 2018 • Portuguese

When Paula Emília first heard that she had breast cancer in 2007, she quickly despaired. Her medical background told her just how serious this was. “I felt the floor disappear from under my feet. It was such a bad feeling,” recalls Paula, who lives in Brazil. “I wished that I...

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Fernando's Baptism

March 26, 2018 • Portuguese

As Pastor Joel Vande Werken packed up his study a few months ago in preparation for his move to Whitinsville, MA and Fairlawn CRC, he picked up a Cada Dia devotional booklet in Portuguese. He thought for moment about adding the booklet to the “give away” pile, but decided to...

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Not Random

September 27, 2017 • Portuguese

God often uses what seem like random circumstances to bring people to faith. Clarice is incarcerated in the city of Piracicaba, Brazil. Someone in the prison gave her an old Cada Dia, the devotional booklet produced by Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) Portuguese media team. It transformed her life...

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Different Cultures, Same Gospel

February 13, 2017 • Portuguese

Miguel Jacob is of Lebanese descent and operates a quiberia in São Paulo, Brazil. A quiberia is a booth where Miguel sells kibbehs, a meat dish native to his Lebanese culture. Edione Madruga is a member of the Águas da Prata Presbyterian Church of Brazil. Her husband has been Miguel’s...

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