Welcoming Huascar De la Cruz to Spanish Ministry

Sep 04, 2019 • Spanish

During his time as a student at Calvin Theological Seminary, Rev. Huascar de la Cruz remembers visiting Palos Heights, Ill. The seminary students were there to see Back to God Ministries International’s recording space and meet ministry staff. “I remember meeting Rev. Serrano,” recalls de la Cruz, referring to BTGMI’s...

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Radio is not Dead

May 28, 2019 • Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish

This December will mark 80 years since Back to God Ministries International’s (BTGMI) first weekly radio program broadcast across the airwaves. Times have changed since that first broadcast. People still listen to radios, but more and more often in North America, we get our news and entertainment via mobile devices...

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Reformed Identity in Spanish Media Ministry

Apr 04, 2019 • Spanish

Every week, Victor (not his real name) tunes in to one of his favorite television programs from his home in Chile. One day, the message felt a little too close to home. “I was tempted to change the channel,” recalled Victor. “But I decided to keep listening.” Victor watches La...

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Sharing the Gospel in Spain a Work in Progress

Nov 29, 2018 • Spanish

Walking through Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia basilica felt bittersweet for Rev. Guillermo Serrano. The cathedral is tentatively scheduled for completion in 2026. On the one hand, he enjoyed experiencing the magnificent beauty, but he also lamented the fact that the building’s primary purpose seemed to be missed among all its tourists...

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Combining Work with Faith

Mar 07, 2018 • Spanish

Julio Rodriguez wanted to be a journalist from a very young age. His parents supported him in this dream until his father left the family and, sadly, his mom passed away. But Julio didn’t give up. He shared his story with Back to God Ministries Director Kurt Selles during a...

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Growing Young Disciples in Latin America

Nov 28, 2017 • Spanish

For many years, no culturally authentic Christian programming existed for children in Latin America. The Spanish media team of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) saw the need and the opportunity. They partnered with ReFrame Media, BTGMI English outreach, to produce a Spanish version of the popular Kids Corner audio...

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Little Money, Lots of Fruit

Mar 06, 2017 • Spanish

Pastor Hernández and his wife work as university professionals in Cuba. Living on meager wages, sometimes not even enough to buy groceries for the month, they have learned to trust in the Lord. “Despite everything, we have learned to be faithful to the Lord, living on very little,” testifies Hernández...

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Off to Mexico We Go

Nov 16, 2016 • Spanish

By way of foot, van, and plane, thirteen members of the Back to God Ministries International Spanish team traveled to Mexico City this past October. They carried 400 pounds of outreach materials—from devotional guides to radio and TV program samples on CDs and DVDs—to the 2016 International Christian Communicators’ Conference...

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Belén Brings the Gospel to School

Feb 04, 2016 • Spanish

Belén Alvarado, a 25 year-old high school teacher who lives in Guatemala, says her faith has grown over the years. So much so that she is now sharing the gospel with her students.  Growing up, Belén’s grandfather encouraged her to listen to Christian radio programs produced by the Back to...

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BTGMI Goes to Cuba

Nov 25, 2015 • Spanish

Back to God Ministries Spanish team enjoyed an unprecedented opportunity to visit Cuba to provide training for pastors, evangelists, leaders and teachers. Fifty people attended the workshops in Havana the first week of October and later that week another fifty participated in the training in Jaguey Grande, ninety miles south...

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