Help Push the Gospel Forward

In many countries where partners like you help share the Good News of Jesus Christ, seekers and believers face increasing scrutiny, obstacles, and pressures. Here’s a glimpse of what some of our ministries are up against.

  • In Egypt, a country where almost everyone is Muslim, Christians are discriminated against and many end up on the edges of society. Some are left to collect garbage from the streets just to earn a meager living.
  • In northern Burkina Faso, acts of violence and terrorism against Christians occur regularly. It’s dangerous to even set foot in a church building where shootings and attacks have occurred during church services.
  • Even though Chinese law claims freedom of religion, that freedom is confined to activities sanctioned by the government. Control over churches and gatherings of believers is tightening, so Christians are changing how they meet together to worship God.
  • The predominately Muslim areas of Indonesia have groups that openly preach and encourage discrimination against Christianity and anyone who believes in it. Christians have not only been threatened but killed.
  • Less than 2% of people in Japan openly profess to be Christian. Most people view attending a Christian church as shameful and dishonoring to their family, friends, and co-workers.

These few examples show why your gifts for sharing the Gospel through digital media, radio, printed materials, and more is so important today.

Even in these areas, in spite of threats of violence, abuse, fines, isolation, discrimination, and imprisonment, people are still coming to know Jesus and growing in deeper relationship with Him. Nothing can stop God or the spread of the Gospel.

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