What would Prakash, Miriam, and Opung’s lives be like if we had stopped broadcasting the Gospel just because the radio isn’t as popular in our society anymore?

It wasn't too long ago that families would gather in the evening to listen to the radio. Not only was it the main source of news, it was a major form of entertainment. The voices of musicians and storytellers filled the room and united us.

But times are changing. Here in the United States and many other developed countries, people still listen to radios, but more and more often get our news and entertainment via mobile devices, social media, and the Internet.

Elsewhere in the world, radio is still the best way to reach a broad audience. And thanks to your support, in places like India, Burkina Faso, and Indonesia, the Gospel is getting to people like Prakash, Miriam, and Opung over the airwaves, and it’s changing their lives.

Clinging to the Light

Prakash lives in a remote village in India. One day, while struggling with the burdens in his life, he turned on his radio and heard a Gospel song in his own language. The next day, he listened to our Hindi ministry broadcast and heard the name Jesus. Day after day, he listened to the ministry's broadcast and eventually met the team and received a Bible translated into Hindi. Now, even though he has faced pressure from non-believers in his community, Prakash has peace and trusts in Jesus. “I don’t say that there won’t be problems in life once you begin to believe in Jesus, but you will have peace and strength to go through challenges.” – Prakash

Finding the Truth

Miriam grew up going to church in West Africa, but the side of God she was introduced to was a god of fear. She believed that if she didn’t strictly obey God’s Word she would lose her salvation. After not living up to perfection, Miriam felt so guilty that she thought about killing herself. Thankfully, she heard our French ministry broadcast on the radio and learned the truth about God.

“Miriam understood for the first time that God is a God of grace,” says Marc Nabie, Back to God Ministries International’s French ministry coordinator. “She is joyful in her faith and often calls us with updates".

An Outside Connection

Opung lives in Humbang, North Sumatra. His radio is his main connection to the world outside his village. As a farmer, he spends his days on his feet tending livestock. But he is still able to find time to sit down and listen to the radio, where he hears our Indonesian ministry broadcast. Opung is very grateful because every day he hears the Word of God.

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