Pray for Christians in Syria

Mar 16, 2012 •

Daily news outlets are reporting the ongoing and violent conflict in Syria. Back to God Ministries International ministry leader in the Middle East sent this update and urgent prayer request:

“Syrian Christians are heartened by the outpouring of prayer for their protection. They are threatened by Islamists opposing the government. The worst incidents have been in Hama and Homs. A predominately Christian neighborhood of west Hama named Mahrada, was overrun by Islamist armed men. They forced families to flee and occupied homes. 

“Three men were shot dead before their families. In Homs a similar incident occurred on a larger scale in the predominately Christian neighborhood of Hamidiyah. There dozens of men were killed and 23 women were kidnapped and raped before being freed when the Syrian army regained control. 

“Christians are gradually returning to their looted homes. Please pray for peace and stability as well as repentance, healing and forgiveness.”