Standing Strong in the Face of Persecution

July 08, 2013 •

Piyush has been a regular listener of our Hindi radio program for a long time. He says the program led him to his Savior, but this came at a high cost.

When Piyush shared his newfound faith with his family, they were disturbed. They soon started pressuring him to return to his old beliefs, and became angry when he refused.

“Piyush found the living God, and said he would never turn his back on his new-found faith,” said our Hindi ministry leader.  

What came next for Piyush was a time of modern persecution— from his own family.

The young man literally became a prisoner in his own home as his family locked him in his bedroom. They took away his Bible and his phone, stripping him of any contact with the outside world. Instead of eating with his family, they pushed his meals under the bedroom door.

But Piyush’s faith stood firm.

One day, Piyush finally managed to escape from his house. The first thing he did was call our Hindi program producer, asking for prayer and support in his situation. In fact, the time spent imprisoned in his room seemed to prepare him for the next step in his faith.

“Piyush told us he was ready to be baptized,” said our Hindi ministry leader. “He now had no doubt about his faith in Jesus.”

Piyush is just one of many believers around the world who are persecuted for their faith. Please pray for him and his family, along with others all around the world who experience religious persecution.

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