Tribute to Groundwork Host Bob Heerspink

Oct 20, 2011 •

Two years ago Rev. Bob Heerspink and several team members began to brainstorm a new radio program, Groundwork, to be produced in partnership with Words of Hope, the media ministry of the Reformed Church in America. Groundwork, the Bible teaching program that Bob co-hosted with Rev. Dave Bast, launched on April 18, 2010. Each week the two friends discussed a wide variety of faith topics, attracting an audience that spans from North America to Africa to Asia, through radio and Internet.

In June 2011, Bob and Dave recorded a series of messages based on the Psalms—including difficult topics such as “When God Seems to Have Deserted You” and “When Life Seems Unfair,” programs that aired October 7 and 14, just days after Bob lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. When Bob recorded these programs, he had no idea that God would be calling him home just three months later.

The last Groundwork program Bob recorded, “Memo to Self: Don’t Forget God,” will be available October 21 at This program concludes Bob and Dave’s series on "The Psalms, the Songbook for Life." Bob’s testimony of an unwavering faith in God during difficult times takes on a deeper meaning for those listening to the programs today. 

The weekend of October 29-30 Groundwork will feature “A Tribute to Bob Heerspink” hosted by Dave Bast, based on Psalm 116.  Bob's good friend Rev. Art Schoonveld joins Dave to remember Bob's life and ministry. The program also includes excerpts from earlier Groundwork programs and other previous messages that Bob recorded.

For the immediate future, Dave Bast will continue to host Groundwork along with several guest co-hosts. Upcoming Groundwork series for 2011 include "The Four Last Things," "You Asked!  Groundwork Responds to Listener Questions," and "The First Christmas."

Even in the midst of change, the purpose of Groundwork remains the same as Bob explained in March 2010: “Groundwork is meant to turn the soil of Scripture and cultivate growth in faith and obedience.”

In addition to co-hosting Groundwork, Rev. Bob Heerspink served as Director of Back to God Ministries International, a media ministry based in the Chicago area with worldwide outreach in 10 languages. He was also known by many as the editor of Today, a daily devotional reaching over 400,000 people, and as a regular speaker on the ministry's original program The Back to God Hour. Groundwork and Today are produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of Back to God Ministries International.

memorial fund has been established to honor Bob’s work. Please continue to pray for his wife, children, and other family members, as well as the Back to God Ministries International staff and the ongoing worldwide media outreach.