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Scripture Reading: Amos 7:7-8
The LORD said, “Look, I am setting a plumb line among my people.”
—Amos 7:8

In Amos, God sets a spiritual plumb line among his people. A plumb line is a string with a weight at the bottom, used by builders to make sure walls are vertically straight. If God set a plumb line among us, how well would our spiritual lives line up?

Dr. Bruce Thompson teaches that there are two main ways in which our spiritual lives can be corrupted, or “out of plumb.” One might be called the “wall of rejection.” Often in life we experience rejection, so we build up bricks that isolate us from God and others. These bricks can include sadness, self-pity,...

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Discussing The Decalogue

Discussing The Decalogue

Most people have seen or heard of Charlton Heston’s entertaining film The Ten Commandments. Fewer are familiar with the 1989 Polish television drama series The Decalogue. But it’s a series worth watching and discussing.

Inspired by the biblical Ten Commandments, The Decalogue consists of ten one-hour films that explore moral or ethical issues...

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Ministry Updates
Brazilian Churches Celebrate Family Month

Brazilian Churches Celebrate Family Month

Each year between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the churches of Brazil put family first and praise God for the gift of family.

The events of “Family Month,” or "Mês da Família," vary from one church or ministry to the next.  They may include children’s activities such as Sunday school, hospitality challenges for congregations, church-wide...

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