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Today Devotional!

Redeemed for Work: Talented!

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:14-30

You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.
Matthew 25:23

Are you a wise investor?

Jesus is talking about a much more important investment than a stock portfolio or a retirement account; he’s talking about us! We are not only God’s masterpieces, as we learned from Ephesians 2. We are also God’s investments.

God invests his wealth in us. Some of us are five-talent people with a variety of skills. Others of us are one- or two-talent people. But all of us have been invested with God’s gifts.

What matters in the story Jesus told is not what the servants begin with, but how they manage what they have been given. No matter how many talents we have, God calls us to use our gifts in ways that further his purposes in the world. God is delighted when we take what he has given us and use it to honor him and love our neighbor.

There is a warning in these verses. If we neglect the gifts God has given us, he will be displeased with how we have managed his investment.

Using our gifts purely for our own enrichment or discarding them altogether is not what God intends. God has invested the life of his Son to give us life; let’s gladly seek to bring a return on his investment!

Lord Jesus, source of all good gifts, you have graciously poured yourself into us, giving us skills and gifts to use for your glory. Reveal to us how you would have us use these gifts in our work so that we honor you. Amen.

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