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Scripture Reading: Luke 24:28-32
“Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”
—Luke 24:322

Discipleship is more than knowing who Jesus is and obeying his commands. It involves our emotions too. Take our two friends traveling on the road with Jesus. When they arrive at their home, they ask him to come in and have dinner with them. Still, they have not recognized him. Then a strange thing happens. Did you notice?

A dinner guest doesn’t usually act as the host. But that’s what Jesus does. He serves the bread and gives thanks. As a minister, I’m often asked to give thanks at dinners with friends and family,...

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Finding Common Ground in the Names of God

Finding Common Ground in the Names of God

When retired school teacher Glenn Ploegstra began using the “Names of God” issue of the Today devotional in his discussion group with Muslims and Christians, he found a surprisingly common connection with people of traditionally different faiths.

Every three weeks Glenn and other Christians from various branches of Christianity meets with a group...

February 11, 2015 Read More
Ministry Updates
They Whispered the Name “Jesus”

They Whispered the Name “Jesus”

“Have you ever been to a Christmas party before?” Elaine asked the Chinese students in her Spotlight English Club.

None of them had.

The group of a dozen students, studying in South Asia, met a few hours each week to practice English in a Christian setting. They used Spotlight resources, produced by ReFrame Media (the English outreach of Back to...

December 3, 2014 Read More