Bringing Light to a Lonely Place in Ukraine

Jul 18, 2018 • Russian

Galina lives in a poorly-funded retirement home in western Ukraine. Yet she’s found ways to be encouraged and encourage others through her faith in Christ. As one of very few Christians in her 50-person home, Galina felt overjoyed when she heard that a group was coming to share a Bible...

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Ukrainian Churches Uniting for the Reformation

Oct 11, 2017 • Russian

When the Ukrainian government announced that the country should celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it was mainly for historical and political reasons. But the Back to God Ministries International Russian staff and ministry leader, Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, saw a different opportunity—a means to spread the Gospel. A year...

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Why We Do That

Sep 13, 2017 • Russian

Written by Sergei Sosedkin, BTGMI Russian ministry leaderI host a live call-in radio program in Russia where we introduce a biblical view on various culturally relevant topics. People are encouraged to call and ask questions about the content. We receive a variety of calls; not all of them are friendly. ...

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God at Work in Russia

Jun 20, 2017 • Russian

Vadim is a young Russian journalist living in Yekaterinberg, Russia. He spends his free time in the company of friends, some of whom are Christians. Two years ago these Christian friends invited him to attend a ministry conference hosted by the Back to God Ministries Russian outreach in Yekaterinberg. Because...

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Outreach Reaches Struggling Youth

Jun 19, 2017 • Russian

Yulia is a high school senior in Kiev, Ukraine. She grew up in a Christian family, but drifted away from the faith. During this time she struggled to find direction for her life. Yulia’s friends from her parents’ church didn’t give up on her. They learned about some videos produced...

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Christmas Around the World

Dec 06, 2016 • All, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian

What does Christmas mean to people in other countries? Back to God Ministries International serves a widely diverse cultural audience. Our indigenous ministry leaders shared some of the traditions and challenges of celebrating Christ’s birth in the places they serve. In China, Christmas is about the magical power of love...

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12,000 Young People Respond to the Gospel in Ukraine

Oct 19, 2016 • Russian

11 Cities. 39,000 participants. More than 12,000 responses. “As I held in my hand the response cards of the thousands of young people who responded to the Gospel message, I was humbled by God’s power,” reflects Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) Russian ministry leader Rev. Sergei Sosedkin. “Each card...

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Finding God's Forgiveness

Apr 25, 2016 • Russian

According to tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Church, this year people will celebrate Easter on May 1. Part of the tradition includes Forgiveness Sunday early in the Lenten season. In Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, this holiday is observed even by those who are non-religious, somewhat as a formal tradition with...

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Open Hearts and Homes to Refugees in Ukraine

Jan 06, 2016 • Russian

Natalia Bradarsky opened her home to Ukrainian refugees after experiencing incredible loss in her own life. Her husband Victor was murdered because of his faith. On Pentecost Day 2014 rebels entered the church in Slavyansk, Ukraine and abducted four worshippers, including Victor, a local Christian broadcaster. One month later Natalia...

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We’re Live and On Air

Jun 24, 2015 • Russian

Alexey lives in Moscow and like many residents he listens to talk radio. In the past he’s enjoyed calling in to programs to challenge the hosts. “I wanted to get the best out of them,” he claims. Listeners and broadcasters alike welcome this type of caller. At a time when...

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