Your Prayers Have Impact

Without your prayers, this ministry wouldn’t happen. Please join us in praying for people who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray that God will use the media outreach of Back to God Ministries International to help grow His church worldwide!

Monthly Prayer Requests

December Prayer Requests


These prayer requests are provided by the leaders of our language ministries so that you can pray specifically for the people to whom they are ministering:

"My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in [Jesus] through their message." (John 17:20)

Hindi Ministry – India: “We spent a lot of money, offering sacrifices to please deities,” says Mr. Singh of his family’s former Hindu faith. Thank you for praying for Singh this past November. Today Singh and his family are a part of a community of believers that listens to BTGMI Hindi radio programs. Pray that these groups of believers will continue to grow and that their members will build one another up in their faith.

Indonesian Ministry – Indonesia: Praise God for this testimony from Mr. Ebenhaezer who is part of a BTGMI radio listener community led by Mr. Iman Zai in North Sumatra. Pray, along with him, for God’s provision in his life. “Thank you, I am grateful for God’s help in my life after I listened to your radio program. Now I am struggling for a life companion, a friend who can help me strengthen my faith. I believe God will provide the best for those who love Him.”

English Ministry/ReFrame Media: Social media can empower people to share their struggles with complete strangers. That’s why BTGMI’s Family Fire ministry recently launched a private Facebook group for women who want to pray for improvement in their marriages. Pray that women on this page will be able to minister to one another, as they pray for one another and offer words of encouragement.

Chinese Ministry – China: This past September, the Chinese government shut down one of Beijing’s largest unregistered churches. Although devastated, leaders turned to media to continue sharing the gospel—encouraging people to listen to audio sermons in small groups. Praise God for the creative ways that he uses media and BTGMI’s Chinese ministry team to share the gospel. Pray that God’s Word will reach those in places where it may be difficult.

Spanish Ministry – Mexico: Leonel, a teacher from southern Mexico, appreciates resources from BTGMI’s Spanish ministry. “We thank you for your radio programs that provide good and practical examples of how to live a Christian life. Today these teachings are more and more needed in a country that faces so many ethical hostilities.” Pray that people in leadership positions throughout Mexico—people like Leonel—will use God as their guide as they face struggles.

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