Connecting People to Christ

Brazil is a melting pot of nations with a blend of many immigrant ethnicities. The Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) Portuguese outreach focuses on evangelism and discipleship, using media to point people to Christ and connect them to biblically sound churches.

Media Outreach

TV Program: Cada Dia (Today)

Cada Dia is a TV program featuring interviews, testimonies, and news reports from a biblical perspective.

Not Random


Not Random

God often uses what seem like random circumstances to bring people to faith.

Clarice is incarcerated in the city of Piracicaba, Brazil. Someone in the prison gave her an old Cada Dia, the devotional booklet produced by Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) Portuguese media team. It transformed her life. After reading the devotionals she began to attend the prison services. Clarice testified, “I gave my life to Christ and continue to attend the services.”

Thanks to that first...

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The total number of fans of BTGMI’s Portuguese ministry social media pages tops more than 367,000.


We receive more than 155,000 calls every month through our devotional phone messaging outreach.


The Portuguese language ministry reaches people in 14 countries.

Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes

Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes


“When you have a personal encounter with Jesus, your life makes sense: joy in your soul, peace in your heart, there is a meaning to your story.”
—Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes

Hernandes became the Portuguese ministry leader in 2010. He also serves as the director of the organization Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Way), an organization formed in partnership between BTGMI and the Presbyterian Church of Brazil. Hernandes has authored more than 100 books and is a popular conference speaker in Brazil.

Hernandes graduated from Seminário Presbiteriano do Sul in Campania and earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. He and his wife, Tinha, have two children.

Portuguese Media Outreach

Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Way) BTGMI Partnership Organization

Web visitors can log on to the home page to learn more about Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Way) media ministries, access daily devotionals, listen to programs, find a local church, order discipleship material, and email staff members with questions or prayer requests.

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TV Program: Cada Dia (Today)

Cada Dia is a TV program featuring interviews, testimonies, and news reports from a biblical perspective.

TV Program: Verdade e Vida (Truth and Life)

Truth and Life is a 30-minute TV program with interviews, music, and a biblical message hosted by Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes.

Video Program: Plataforma (Platform)

Platform is a 5-minute video program highlighting the music and testimonies of Brazilian musicians. Webcasts of of the audio programs are also available online.

Video Program: Da Letra a Palavra (From the Letter to the Word)

Da Letra a Palavra is a 2-minute video program where Rev. Hernandes discusses current issues in light of the Gospel message. More than 9,000 people are subscribed to the YouTube channel.

Phone Devotional: Disquepaz (Dial Peace)

Dial Peace is a short devotional delivered by telephone. Listeners call a local phone number to hear the message. At the end of each program, callers can request prayer or spiritual counseling.

Audio Program: Vida em família (Family Life)

Family Life is a 4-minute radio spot that focuses on addressing issues of family life in a biblical way. It can also be heard online.

Audio Program: Momento Musical (Music Moment)

Music Moment is an audio program featuring Christian music and interviews with Christian artists and performers. It airs on radio stations and can also be heard online.

Audio Program: Gotas de Esperança (Drops of Hope)

Drops of Hope is a 2-minute audio program that provides a message of hope. The messages are available on CD.

Devotional: Cada Dia (Today)

The Cada Dia is a daily devotional providing a meditation on God’s Word. It is available in print and on the web. Daily posts are also available on Facebook.

Video Program: Turma da Arca (The Ark Clubhouse)

The Ark Clubhouse is a puppet program that teaches children biblical truths and life values. Web visitors can meet the characters, play games, and receive information about all 52 episodes. Companion teaching lessons are available for each episode. The videos are available on DVD and Netflix in Brazil.

Video Program: Ö Príncipe da Paz (The Prince of Peace)

The Prince of Peace is a 3D animation depiction of the Christmas story. The video is available on DVD and broadcast on local stations in Brazil during the Christmas season.