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ReFrame Media produces a wide array of media experiences. We invite you to see in a new way what God is doing in your life: God reshapes and restores your life according to His plan—that you might become more like His Son, Jesus Christ.


We engage an average of 148,000 people every day through internet and social media outreach.

Our English ministry is supported by 50 volunteers and a vast network of prayer partners.


Published bi-monthly, the Today devotional reaches more than 210,000 homes in North America and abroad.

Rev. Steven Koster

Rev. Steven Koster


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Rev. Steven Koster joined Back to God Ministries International in 2006, bringing a wealth of media knowledge and experience, as well as a heart for outreach. Rev. Koster's journey to this ministry comes from a passion to use media and technology to build communities in Christ.

As English ministry leader and ReFrame Media director, Rev. Koster oversees the production of various media and discipleship ministries. He and his team continue to develop new avenues for reaching English-speaking audiences throughout the world. He also speaks and writes about issues of media in worship.

Steven and his wife Deb enjoy leading pre-marital counseling and marriage enrichment seminars.

ReFrame Media Programs
Answer Questions Like:

  • Are you looking for fun entertainment with a great message for your kids?

  • Do you need encouragement in your marriage or parenting?

  • Do I meet daily with God?

  • Do you wonder how Christianity relates to arts, culture, politics and sports as a Christian?

  • Do I have substantive answers to the questions God’s Word raises?

  • Do you want your church’s communications to be more strategic?

Kids Corner

A half-hour kids audio adventure for radio and podcast. Fun stories show kids how they are an important part of God’s big story. Kids Corner includes web-based resources to help parents guide their children as they grow in lifelong relationships with Jesus.

Family Fire

An online community exploring what it means to be Holy Spirit led in our families, dating, marriages, sexuality, parenting, and in-law relationships. Our team of therapists, pastors, and writers stoke the Spirit’s flame through live retreat events and encouragement on the web, social media, and email.

Today is a daily devotional that helps people refresh, refocus, and renew their faith. Today contributors provide reflection and insight, from years of ministry experience, into biblical themes developed over an entire month. It’s like doing a 30-day Bible study. You can get Today in print, on the web, as a mobile app, or via email. A two-minute audio version of Today is also available.

Think Christian is an online magazine where Christians bridge the perceived gap between faith and culture. Thoughtful discussions explore God’s sovereignty over culture and what it means to live and think as a Christian.


A half-hour radio program and podcast that helps you build a biblical foundation for your life. Hosts Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee invite listeners into conversation that digs deeply into the substance of God's Word.

Church Juice

A website where church leaders can learn how to intentionally engage their congregations and communities in meaningful ways. Here you’ll find free resources to help you refine your church’s website, social media, branding, and marketing.

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