In partnership with donors like you, we began Arabic broadcasts in 1958 with Rev. Bassam Madany, as our first non-English media outreach.

Following his retirement, we began a partnership with Words of Hope and Middle East Reformed Fellowship to expand ministry throughout Arabic- speaking regions.

We are now in the process of re-launching this ministry in partnership with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile) and Words of Hope, the media ministry of the Reformed Church in America.

A Story From the Arabic Ministry

Cairo Roofsweb

Building Up Media Ministry in Egypt

July 27, 2016

As families grow in the Middle East, they often choose to build upwards, constructing new levels on their homes’ existing roof. This is also the case for a ‘growing family’ of media ministry in Egypt that is being built on an already-strong ministry foundation.

The new family includes the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt—Synod of the Nile (EPCE), Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI), and Words of Hope (WOH). Together, representatives from all three recently celebrated a new partnership—a partnership...

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